Problem or Situation Addressed

Society creating the perfect citizen. My project is about society wanting to conform teens and young adults to be perfect citizens for society.

Theoretical Ideas

Mead’s “I” is the part of the self that is spontaneous, impulsive, creative, and unpredictable.

Mead’s “me” is the sense of self that has been learned from interaction with others.

Looking glass self is the idea that our sense of self develops as a reflection of the way we think others see us.

Theory-to-Project Relation

With Mead’s “I” idea, my visual shows the individual in the middle of the poster being himself. Being the outcast instead of conforming to what society thinks is best.

With Mead’s “me” idea, my visual shows the people on the left seeing everyone going into the “proper citizen” building and thinking that they have to follow sue.

With the Looking Glass idea, it shows that the people in the visual think that following others to be a proper citizen would make them seem more reliable and more trustworthy compared to the person in the middle.

How did you make it?

I came up with this project when listening to music, specifically punk music. The main influence is the song Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. The lyrics talked about how society will do whatever it takes to make you a proper citizen of society. For my visual, I looked for stencils of building and people to show that young adults will go through what I call the “proper citizen” building which strips the young adults of their uniqueness.

Advice to Others

Make sure you truly understand the reading so the theoretical ideas will make more sense and be easier to understand. Also ask classmates to explain if they understand the ideas so it can help you with your projects.