Description of Project: My project was based on the PIC and how locking people up is turning into  business. The meaning of the canvas I made is to show how the government is dependent on prisoners/the prison system. On one part of my canvas is a building being carried by prisoners to show that the money the government makes off of them supports the government/government officials. On the other part of my canvas are facts to show how many people are locked up in America compared to how many people are free.

How did I make it: I drew the building and the handcuffs and I outlined everything with paint pens.

List of Ideas:

  1. Economic banishment- the undeserving are labeled and therefore get banished from the economy. Ex: Ex-cons will always have a record and that record can affect if they’re banished from the economy or not and if they are then they no longer can find a job.
  2. Supplying Illegal Goods- not eligible for real/decent jobs, but are still eligible to sell drugs and other illegal goods. Ex: since the undeserving are labeled and therefore banished from the economy, they tend to go back to doing the criminal things they’ve always done (selling drugs, etc.) and then eventually end up back in jail.
  3. Job Creation- the larger the number of people who are undeserving, the larger the number of people who are needed to help/modify them. Prisoners are seen as they need help, so they hire people to work with them, etc.
  4. Norm Reinforcement- by violating rules and the normal things people do, the undeserving help people realizes what’s right and what’s not. Prisoners prove that going to prison doesn’t pay, so therefore it’s in people’s minds that it’s a bad thing.
  5. Supplying popular culture villains- undeserving are seen as bad, so to the deserving or better off they’re seen as villains. Prisoners are seen as villains because them going to jail proves that they’re bad.
  6. Institutional scapegoating- regular scapegoating, but in a place. Prisoners aren’t getting the education and skills they need to be in the real world, but prisons and the government make everyone think they do.
  7. Prejudice- some people are deserving and some aren’t. Prisoners are seen as undeserving and as they did it to themselves.
  8. Weeding out the wealthy- if a wealthy person does something wrong, they’re more likely to not get in trouble for it than if a poor person does something wrong. Justice system works to get the poor people in trouble instead of just the bad people in general.
  9. Arrest and Charging- for the same offense, a poor person is more likely to end up getting charged and getting sent to prison than a wealthy person because a wealthy person can pay their way out of it.
  10. The justice system works to get the poor and dangerous locked up, but never the wealthy. Instead of just focusing on the people who are criminal and dangerous, how much money you have is deeply involved.

Advice to Others: Be creative