Finished Project

The storm kept coming, kept coming into my life

It wanted to destroy my life

In high school the storm just stopped, just stopped

When I learned about the REACH


It taught me to face the fearsome storm

The storm continued until Courage took the stand against the bully

Learned about kids with disabilities and their storms

How they dealt with it

Knowing how to respect authority

People use sociological imagination to view what they think

About people that are disabled and bullied.

Little did I know, we were just alike

And no one can tell us

We are DUMB, RETARDED, STUPID and no one can BELITTLE us anymore

Courage took the stand against the storm

Have the power-to stand up

No one has the power-over us

Inequality, Stigma, Discrimination, Stereotypes

Have stopped among race, ability, disability, ethnicity, and cultural differences

They have the rational-legal authority to attend school

Why people belittle or degrade them

We struggle with things too

We all feel disabled in life at some point

It was a privilege to be part of the REACH Club


Project in Progress

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Description of the Project

My name is Daniel Larson and my project is basically covering the issue of individuals with disability getting bullied.  This idea to me along time come up with and I stay need to come up with a visual.  Meanwhile I was doing some homework and really think of what can I present.  I intended coming up with a original poem that really gave the meaning of sympathy of people with disability and uses the ten theoretical ideas.


List of Ideas

1. Authority- norms of a social system and generally accepted as legitimate by those who participate in it. (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes, p 133).

2. Sociological Imagination- “…we learn how social, historical, cultural,economic, and political factors influence the choices that people make and how they live their lives” (Introductory Sociology Reader by Rebecca Hensley and Russell Castro,p.8).

3. Power-To-“The ability to bring about an intended outcome” (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes,p.111)

4. Power-Over-“The ability to bring about an intended outcome, even when opposed by others” (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes, p. 112).

5. Inequality-“the unequal distribution of resources among groups of people” (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes,p.123)

6.Stigma-“the shame attached to a behavior or status that is considered socially unacceptable or discreditable” (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes, p. 192).

7. Discrimination-” treating others unequally based on their background or other personal characteristics” (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes,p.124).

8.Stereotypes-” exaggerated, distorted, or untrue generalizations about categories of people that do not acknowledge individual variation” (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes,p.166).

9. Rational-Legal Authority-“power that has legitimacy because it is based on established laws, rules, and procedures” (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes,p.119).

10. Privilege-“a special advantage or benefit that is not enjoyed by everyone” (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes, p.122).

How did you make it?

As I said already, it took me long time to come up with this, but as soon as I started I knew I  pick the right thing to do and was fully dedicated to producing my own, original, first poem about my passionate topic.  Once I developed it, that is when it has inspiration to continue with project to share this so tragic issue because the individuals getting bullied would not believe in themselves and could possibly end in a not so good situation.


Advice to Others

My best advice is to think along time and think what your reaction with it would be and if it is something that is powerful, inspirational, and passionate to you and others then you got your project covered and just giving -your- all like I did.