applicaton-for-employment-2 (Application made for company)

Description of the Project

The issue being addressed for this project is IS IT OKAY TO BE OPENLY GAY. Here we bring light to the fact of constant discrimination against homosexuals. The meaning behind our project is a company that helps people cover their sexuality therefore mocking the harsh persecution “gays” face everyday.

List of Ideas

Ideas incorporated into this project are the following:

Manifest Function: any function of an institution or other social phenomenon that is planned or intentional.

Latent Function: unrecognized and unintended consequences

Issue: something that affects society as a whole

Trouble: something that affects only your private life, and only you

Cultural Priming: tells you what to look for by stereotypes, etc. And changes or creates an illusion to your own perspective

Power: the ability to bring about an intended outcome, even when opposed by others

Hegemony: exist when those in power have successfully spread their ideas- and marginalized alternative viewpoints- so their perspectives and interest are accepted widely as being universal and true

“The Personal is Political”: repetitive problem in society that adheres to a certain group, common from, or type of oppression

Organization: bringing people together to identify common goals an work to achieve them

Empowerment: increases the people’s capacity to bring about an intended outcome


How did you make it?

Before we came up with “Closet Confidential” we knew we wanted to focus on discrimination against same sex relationships. We decided to in a way mock the discrimination itself but also strive to make life easier for homosexuals at the same time.  So, we created the company as a way for anyone to take advantage of our escorts who will attend public events that will help you hide your sexuality to the world. Because of course, it’s NOT okay to be gay or lesbian. Our website includes the information for our company in its entirety but also offers information about our job opportunities and career services. Aside from our obvious mockery we wanted to turn the tables and find a way to somehow make finding jobs for homosexuals easier. So I came up with the Coming Out Coaches which is somewhat like a counselor for an individual who decides they are ready to reveal who they truly are. This provides a safe environment-ed, non-discriminating career for homosexuals and also the counseling or advice I’m sure many seek when they want to “come out of the closet.”

Advice to Others

There are so many things that you can do your project on! The key is really not to think too hard and find something you are immensely passionate about and RUN WITH IT. You can’t go wrong because it’s your point of view. And last thing, I promise you will be surprised how greatly your mind can spread while creating these projects. That’s all, good luck!(: