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Work In Progress:img_1372Description of Project:

My project depicts how society,both men and women, learner certain ways to act towards the opposite sex and how they should think of themselves by watching Disney movies. I show how each gender learns certain ways they should act and certain things that they should and should not do. I created a storybook for a visual representation on how this happens ever since we are children. I talk about theories that the movies have ingrained in each of them. These theories that are ingrained in the movies is what makes society behave a certain way because they are learning these theories ever since they are children. To relate theory to my project I picked out terms that were represented in Disney movie and talked about how they were represented in each movie. Then I related these movies and terms to real life. I used situation that can occur in real life to help my audience better understand the terms and how they are represent in the movies. The storybook not only shows how the ideas are relevant in the movies but how the movies make them become relevant in real life.

List of Ideas:

Domination:”The power to set the terms under which other groups and classes must operate, notional control.” (Introduction to Sociology Reader Castro And Hensley- Power and Class in the United States)

Expert Power:”Arises from the perception that a person has superior knowledge in a particular area” (Experience Sociology by  D. Croteau and W. Hoynes – Power[115])

Social Closure: “The membranes of a status group can sometimes use their membership to gain power over nonmembers.”(Experience Sociology by  D. Croteau and W. Hoynes- Power[124])

Oppression: “Being pressed means the absence of choice.”

“The Personal is political” (Feminist Theory Ch. 2)

Type One Error: “To see a pattern that does not actually exist”

Patriarchy: “Can be thought of as a system of stratification since it emphasizes separate and unequal groups (men and women) , distributes resources unequally, and justifies the inequality with an ideology that assumes the superiority of men.” (Experience Sociology by  D. Croteau and W. Hoynes- Power[129])

Scapegoating: “By being thought as underserving, the stigmatized poor can be blamed for virtually any shortcoming of everyday life when can be credibly ascribed to them- violations of the laws of logical or social causation not withstanding.” (Introduction to Sociology by Castro and Hensley – Positive Functions off Underserving Poor [230])

Stereotypes: “Judgments of the poor as underserving are not based on evidence but derive form a stereotype, even if, like most others, it is a stereotype with a ‘kernel of truth’.”(Introduction to Sociology by Castro and Hensley- Positive Function of the Underserving Poor[128]”

Norm Reinforcement: “If the underserving poor can be imagined to be lazy, they help to reaffirm the protestant work ethic; if poor single parent families are publicly condemned the two-parent family is once are legitimated as ideal…”(Introduction to Sociology by Castro and Hensley- Positing Function of the Underserving Poor [223])

How Did You Make It?:

I first got my idea in class when someone asked the question where did kids found out about ideas that only adults should have? This question really stuck out to me because I really was puzzled. Then I realized how many of our sociology terms are represented with Disney movies while I was watching one. So I thought since I can’t make a movie I can make a storybook. I found pictures from the actual movies to represent what term I was talking about and then I took pictures of what it could be compared to in real life. I taped these pictures next to each other on a page so others could see the comparison. I then punched holes though the book so I could bind it together and create my “storybook”.

Advice To Others:

If you like this idea you can go much further into it. There are many other disney movies and even these have more ideas than the very few I used. If you read the readings throughly terms will jump out at you and you will realize that they are in these movies. If you aren’t understanding the reading watch ted talks and use the terms that are presented in there. These movies are filled with sociology terms that would help you do your project. Don’t give up and find something you are interested in or you wont do well.