Finished Model of Systematic Racism against Black People
The making of…
Painting the black population
Finished black population
Latter from Oppression to “Success’
Painted White Men


Description of the Project:

My project calls into question American Government and their involvement in Systematic Racism against black people. I created a visual model from wood and paint and figurines to show how it works along with a slideshow to show to modern depiction and social media as ways of how the system of racism works, and how the government is involved.

I created a powerpoint to further my point. It’s available at this link:

List of Ideas:

Social Closure- is the process whereby a status group maximizes its own advantages by restricting  access to rewards only to members of the group. (Cose 1995) Experience Sociology. Pg125 [This is shown through my model using the gold coins the white population stands on.]

Stratification System-social structures and cultural norms that create and maintain inequality by ranking people into a hierarchy of groups that receive unequal resources. (Collins 2000)Experience Sociology. Pg125 [This is shown through the wooden box itself, by separating and maintaining racism between white people and black people, leaving white people wealthy in money and power and numbers and black people oppressed with a lower economic association.]

Discrimination- treating others unequally based on their background or other personal characteristics. (Feagin and Sikes 1994) Experience Sociology. Pg124 [This is shown as one of the reasons racism is still in place not only is it being shown through our economic comings, but our cultural differences can separate us as well adding on to our stratification system.]

Occupational Prestige- collective attitudes about the status of various jobs. (Smith 2007) Experience Sociology Pg364 [This is represented in my project as police and how they have prestige in community and social media although the collective attitudes have split from people who “back the blue” and people who believe police brutality is happening.]

Privilege-a special advantage or benefit that is not enjoyed by everyone. (Lukes 2005) Experience Sociology. Pg 122 [This is represented by how white people have an advantage compared to other minorities therefor putting them in a higher ranking and privilege, unlike black or Hispanic people.]

Grievability-When a group seems to be less or more grievable compared to another group.(Butler 2009) Frames of War. [Grievability is shown through the multiple shooting of black people that go unnoticed and when noticed not taken seriously by the population, most cases ending in no homicide convictions amongst very serious crimes, young black males in specific are considered less greivable.]

Type II Error- term used within the context of hypothesis testing that describes the error that occurs when one accepts a null hypothesis that is actually false. The error rejects the alternative hypothesis, even though it does not occur due to chance. Simply not noticing a pattern when there is a pattern to be noticed. (Lane 2000) [ This is represented by the blind eye white people have towards the repeating oppressions towards black people, buy saying they don’t exist or go unnoticed by the white people further the idea that there is no oppression and falsifies racism and oppression again.]

Deterrence-the inhibition of criminal behavior by fear especially of punishment, the maintenance of military power for the purpose of discouraging attack. (Merriam-Webster dictionary)[This is shown through police brutality and how police may use their prestige to put them in a place of power and authority that they shouldn’t necessarily be in, white police are the new KKK.]

Double Bind- a situation in which a person is confronted with two irreconcilable demands or a choice between two undesirable courses of action. [This is represented by the right and wrong doings of black people and how they are crucified by either choices made, black people can’t and shouldn’t have to impress the white man population.]

Latent/Manifest Function: Latent Function- the largely unrecognized and unintended consequences of social phenomena. Manifest Function- the recognized and intended consequences of social phenomena. (Merton 1910-2003)[The latent function is that black people are being oppressed by the government and people in America. although I’m not sure it was completely unintended. The manifest function or the intended outcome was for there to be success for the white man in America after the civil war and when the 13th amendment was put in place.]

How did you make it?

I made my model by using wood paints, wood carvings, figurines, a lot of glue, a mini model latter, and paint markers and brushes. I used paper plates as my palette while I painted. I used red, white and blue to incorporate the governmental side. I put the black population within the wood box to show how oppression and racism and the stratification keep black and whites separated, causing racism to keep chugging on. I used chocolate gold coins to show that white men also create more wealth from the unequal amounts of resources that are handed to us more than minorities.

Advice to others:

My advice to other on doing their own sociology project would be to nail down a subject, be able to know and understand its full function in society and the roles it plays. Break it down piece by piece in your project to show the complexity it may have. Always relax and give yourself enough time to go over it to feel prepared. Use website and news online to give yourself a good background to the information.