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Description of the Project


For my project, I chose to focus on the social issue of racism. In attempt to call attention to the racism in our country and to get racists to see that we are all essentially the same, I created what could be used as flyer or billboards, if enlarged. I placed four identical organ in the center of the flyer. Each organ is representing a person of a different race. The poster states that your loved one needs an organ transplant, and then asks you to choose the white (“right”) one. This is meant to call attention to the fact that it doesn’t matter what color the  person was that the organ came from when someone needs an organ transplant. The color of someone’s skin shouldn’t matter at all. This is what we as a nation and society need to realize.


List of Ideas


  1. Prejudice- “pre-judging” someone or some group negatively based on inadequate information
  2. Discrimination- unequal treatment that gives advantages to one group of people over another without justifiable cause (what people are often referring to when they use the term “racism”)
  3. Racism- the belief that one race is inherently superior to another (in our society only white people can be racist because of the stratification system/”white privilege”)
  4. Racial Essentialism- the idea that supposedly natural and immutable differences separated the races (idea that segregation stems from)
  5. Majority Group- a collection of people who enjoy privileges and have more access to power because of identifiable physical or cultural differences (white people)
  6. Minority Group- a collection of people who suffer disadvantages and have less power because of identifiable physical or cultural differences (most commonly recognized are African Americans, but really anyone who isn’t white)
  7. Overt Racism- when someone is intentionally racist and is aware of it (frequently associated with the older generation/easier to recognize)
  8. Covert Racism- racism that is less obvious and often accidental (More prevalent today. Ex, someone saying “bad neighborhood” instead of “black neighborhood”)
  9. Power- the ability to bring about an intended outcome, even when opposed by others
  10. Authority- the ability to generate obedience (In our society white people have most of the power and authority. Ex, most of us has mostly white teachers and most politicians are white men)

How did you make it?


To find inspiration for my project I was browsing images of anti-racism campaigns. Once I had my idea I looked up what organs were able to be donated and then transplanted. I picked 4 organs then google searched for images of them. I then used these images to create word document flyers.


Advice to Others


Once you have your social issue picked out, google search it and try to find things to inspire you.