Problem or Situation Addressed


My project explains how feminism incorporates many social movements. In this project, I explain what feminism actually means. I show the many layers of feminism.


Theoretical Ideas


One of my strongest theoretical ideas was, “privilege is a special advantage or benefit that not everyone enjoys”(Power and Privilege in Experience sociology). This quote explained how your sex and race depicts your privilege.


Theory-to-Project Relation


My presentation spells out the world feminism. Each letter is different to represent how feminism is made of many different parts.


How did you make it?


Picking my topic was very easy. As I research feminism, a variety of social groups came up with it. I brought a foam board from Hobby Lobby. I searched for random object to construct letters. I planned on using my objects to find the best way to symbolize the different functions of feminism.


Advice to others


The best advice for this project is to find a movement that you are passionate about. Ted talks is a great source of information on any topic. Finding something you care about will make researching easier. Networking with students is the best way to find new information about your topic.