Notes from class discussion…

After class and after discussions I want to find specific things in the readings and online, so I can relate to them in my life. When all of the black lives matter stuff was going on, the white student groups that had no black students in them were actually funding these products.

The fact that people of color are not in movies goes back to the undeserving poor.

Most movies don’t have black people in them, unless they are the evil person. You either drink the white water, or you die of thirst.

All of the white people in the class are racist, they were born white and they were racist before they could make that decision. If you were born without contact of outside your family, you would still be racist. White people have privileged. At the end of the day you’re still racist because white privilege still exists.

Can’t black people be racist too? Were still having the save perceptions at the white people.

So the black panthers aren’t racist?

Black people want equality but in a lot of ways they don’t.

What is the difference of racism and discrimination? I don’t understand the difference. If there was a black neighborhood that didn’t like white people, would that be considered racism?

Black people don’t go where white people go to avoid conflict.

Why is it that Louisiana as a state hold onto this so strong? We are last in everything except Mississippi.

Mississippi did not get rid of slavery until 2013.

Covington is a big white place, the further you drive out the cheaper the houses and the more diverse.

White ladies grab their purses a lot around black people.

A lot of people attach hate to racism so no one wants to talk about it.

Racism can kind of be subconsciously in everyone.

You are taught that in school, we ignore history and focus on the word of mouth.

If there was a good white guy in this movie, then we will support you. It took him like 5 years until he could get the movie done.

The help is a great movie about oppression and how people used to live.

I think the movie the help is a little white conditioned.

I think the movie is a good movie.