Problem or Situation Addressed

Everything starts off as a thought so my situation I am addressing is downing yourself and giving up on goals you set in life because they are difficult to reach. Positive thinking can bring you through each situation for instance you are downing yourself because you feel that you are not beautiful/ Handsome enough. If you drop that thought and believe highly of yourself your life will be better. The situation with giving up on goals you set in life because they are difficult can be solved by simply believing you can do it and having and positive mindset that when you fall you will get up and shake and off. Then complete the goal by simply not giving up.

Theoretical Ideas

(Castros, Intro To Sociology Reader and Croteau, Experience Sociology) because they are both created from an thought.

Theory-to-Project Relation

The relation of what I made is showing that everything is created from thought and why positive thinking is a great tool to succeeding.

How did you make it?

I made my project by simply writing a thought bubble floating in the middle. Then, I found great Motto’s from powerful people in the society (Barack Obama, Donald Trump, J . Cole, and Bill Clinton… Etc). I printed them out and place them onto the poster. Drawing bubbles from each motto to the center thought bubble. Displaying everything starts off as a thought.

Advice to Others

My advice to others is to simply to away think positive about yourself as a great person and everything else will fall in line in yourself. Doubt is a 100% killer to dreams.