Problem or Situation Address:

For my Piano recital, I would always mess up because my mom would be there. She hates when I make a mistake and she would give me looks.

Theoretical Ideas:

Sense of self- How you think about yourself

Looking glass self- How other people view you

Me vs I-  I is the unpredictable part about yourself and me is the part you censor yourself.

Deviance- when people break social norms

Social Control- people try to discipline other people to lead them to what is right and wrong.

Theory-to-Project Relation:

For my sense of self, I felt like I was not a good piano player and I felt bad for mess up.

Looking Glass Self- when I mess up, I thought people were making fun of me and talking about me.

Me vs I- I part was me before I got up there to play. I would have a pep talk to myself saying I got this and nobody can stop me.

me part would go up there and mess up and my anxiety would start kicking in.

Deviance- I went against my mom way of thinking. She wanted me to play good with no mistakes and I felt like I never was good enough.

Social Control- my mom would try to tease me about it so I can do better. It never work out that way because the method make it worst.

How I make it:

I grab some of my old sheet music and I went to the music building. I had someone record me play the piano. I also called my friend to see if she had old videos of me playing at the recital.


Start the project early so you have more time to correct yourself or change some things.