The money house project represents five theoretical ideas that relate to the readings and discussions in my Sociology class. Norm, social control, impression management, front stage, and globalization are the five theoretical ideas that I have associated with my project. The following paragraphs will describe: 1) how the ideas are connected, 2) how I made my project, 3) and my thoughts on the project.

  1. How the Ideas are Connected
    Norm: The money house is a perfect example of what the “norm” is today’s world.
    Social Control: Many people feel that a house is necessary in ordered to be socially accepted. This idea causes a great amount of people to go into huge amounts of debt, therefor these people are also being financially controlled.
    Impression Management: This idea ties in with the social control idea. In essential, many people feel as if they have to have a house in order to impress people, or be considered important.
    Front Stage: The money house is made out of “100” dollar bills on the outside, and “1” dollar bills on the inside, symbolizing the idea that people are “front stage” to other people, or they are trying to be someone that they are not.
    Globalization: Many stores have opened with the main goal of selling items such as furniture, bath items, and kitchen equipment to house owners. These stores help facilitate the widespread idea of “having a house and paying off a mortgage for the next 30 years is normal”.
  2. How I made my Project:
    To get the materials, I just stopped at Hobby Lobby and picked up one small pack of  play money for $2, a small foam platform for $6, and some clear adhesive tape for $2. In order to made the walls and roof of the house, I taped $1 bills and $100 back to back. I then taped the walls to the foam platform. I then connected another set of walls to the previous walls, to give the house some height. The roof was made out of the “walls” and were connected at a 45 degree angle. After having erected the house, I marked a door and window, and then carefully used a razor blade to cut out the door and window.
  3. My Thoughts on the Project:
    I thought that this project was very eye opening. I found myself falling into the sociological ideas that so many people have already fell into, such as “Front Stage” and “Social Control”. I now try to make sure that I don’t live my life by what other people will think of me.

If you have any questions on my project, or in general, just leave a comment and i’ll try and get back to you as quickly as possible.img_2147img_2149

The house’s right side