Learner Alliance

We read the world; we read the word; and then we make the world one project at a time.


Efficiency Chip

Problem or Situation Addressed:

This product was created in order to solve issues created by society’s obsession with beauty .The Efficiency chip is a futuristic device that allows one to change the chemical compounds in one’s body in order to change certain aspects of one’s person.Such as if a feels as if she need to have long hair in order to better fit in with a crowd , the efficiency chip enables the body to produce more biotin in order to help hair grow faster.

Theoretical Ideas:

The ideas I used in my demonstration are “I.VS. Me”,”Looking Glass Self”,”Selfhood Lets us Judge our Selves”,”Socialization through Culture”,&”One can only become what one learns”.

Theory-to-Project Relation:

The Efficiency chip uses the idea of darwins theory of evolution, where one has to become more adaptively fit  in order to survive in its environment.The Efficiency chip uses the idea that one can only become what one learns.In order for one to change their appearance, they must first learn what add-ons they should add to the chip in order to change the detail in which they are trying to change.Solutions.Most people feel social anxiety the most when they feel that the way they look isn’t socially accepted ,the efficiency chip allows one to change certain aspects of themselves in order to appear adaptively fit to their environment.A person’s socialization and communication skills are affected by they way one looks depending on the job one is trying to acquire.Such as if one was trying to draft into the military they would have to be under a certain weight in order to be eligible.The efficiency chip allows one to speed up their metabolism ,thus allowing one to lose weight faster.Selfhood lets us judge ourselves and because of this we make ourselves believe that we need to look a certain way and if we don’t we need to put ourselves in harm’s way in order to change.If one was to use the e-chip they would avoid these risk.

How did I make it?: I Purchased a sketch pad from the school’s bookstore along with 2 number two led pencils and I drew this picture .

Advice to others:

The advice I’d give to others would be to go for what your good at . If your good at drawing then draw a picture .If you are good at creating wacky objects then go for it! Just go for what you are good at!


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