I Am A Woman..

I am constantly in a state of fear.The fear that we aren’t going to change, that we won’t want to or care to that even in the midst of oppression and discrimination, we’ll still find excuses to dismiss our surroundings. As a human being, do you want to think you’re being tested for the rest of your life?

I’ll walk home in silence hoping, dreading, no one will follow me..or try to strip my colors, try to strip my skin. Forcefully unfolded. Hopefully, they won’t use my “provocative clothing” against me. The judge will say they were a five star athlete and I was asking for it.

I am a woman..

Somehow I have a role to play. To keep my legs crosses and hide the face my mother gave me. To sit still and look pretty? Polished and poised, just like a doll so I can be ready to open my legs for the “man I truly love.”

Because of the way I’m looked at, glared at…like  piece of dangling meat. Maybe even a trophy, like I’m nothing more than just an asset, an accessory for your cute little insecure image of how a woman should be. How we should be next to you right? For your ego maybe?

Don’t tell me to fucking smile.

I am not just a woman but a feminist and my voice will not be silenced anymore.

I wrote a poem or I guess spoken word because it came to me after like..eight tries of me getting frustrated with my writing.. about being a feminist in modern society today and how there will ALWAYS be a silent power struggle between men and women. It affects society as a whole because YES we do look at women in a different and dimmer light whether we believe it or not and it can be just as subtle as anything. They’re racist “feminist”, “feminist” who bash men and think they’re the root of every problem in life, “feminist” who take it way too far and destroy the concept of being a true feminist, “feminist” who shame TRANS/QUEER folk for wanting to be feminist. I’M trying to spread what it really is. Both men and women are equal. Equal opportunity and rights we have as HUMAN BEINGS NOT OUR GENDER ROLES OR LABELS! So, enjoy and think about it.