Problem or Situation Addressed:

In my project I talked about the negative impact that Barbie has on young children today.

Theoretical Ideas:

From here I mostly got the facts of the dimensions of the body of a real life Barbie.

Theory-to-project Relation: 

Barbie affects children’s:

  • self image- The dimensions of Barbie can cause a child to form a negative self image which in return lowers their self-esteem.
  • self-esteem- Children who don’t have any of the same qualities as Barbie can experience a low self-esteem because they feel like they don’t meet standards.
  • acceptance- Children think they should look like Barbie to feel accepted in the American culture today.
  • social norm- If you look around Barbie does not fit the norm of how women look. Some may have achieved this look but unnaturally and with plastic surgery. The world today makes up unrealistic norms, kind of like the image of Barbie. As much as we try to meet the norms it’s just not possible.
  • social control- Barbie has an influence on children’s social life and what they think they should be like. This has made Barbie an extreme form of social control.

How did you make it?

I picked a topic that I thought had an impact on society and did research about it. I then picked five topics that I could relate to the issue of Barbie and its impact on society. I then explained how each topic related to the negative view of Barbie.

Advice to Others

I would advise others to chose a topic that really interests you and that has a lot of different aspects that you can talk about and relate all of your topics to. Its also best to chose a topic that is currently affecting society today.


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