My project is about statuses and the roles we play in society. I got my idea through “Presentation in Everyday Life” describing positions occupied by individuals. My project is made up of my personal status sets, showing what my statuses were and the roles I play in each status. I mainly focused on my master status, as a mother, including pictures of the role I played as a mother and what I feel my responsibilities are to my children, that they may be productive in society. I also conveyed the conflicts I face in these roles and the conflict I face trying to meet the demands expected of me in each role. My biggest conflict in every role is time…there is never enough to get it all done, which can be truly overwhelming at times. My lesser achieved statuses shown at the bottom are a reflection of social me, or the different impressions people have of me in the role of friend, coach and bible study leader, because each of these people see me in a different way. I included pictures of my children that I feel most accurately describe them to show that although they were raised in the same house by the same people, they turned out quite differently. This comes from the idea of human nature, are we a product of our environment? Do we turn out the way we do because of the way we were raised? Further the conflict between having two sets of kids, and the older girls feeling as though I treat the younger girls differently. I made my project using pictures off of the internet that represented the roles I play in each status, as well as family pictures to give my project a personal touch.