My Main Idea: People’s Perspective of the World

What problem did I want to resolve? I wanted to see the world how my daughter sees it. I wanted to see all the good and bad things that she sees on a daily basis so that I could become a better parent.

Here is the link to the actual video:

My Five Topics:

  1. Perspective
  2. Sense of Self
  3. Agents of Social Control
  4. Status
  5. Roles

Project Path: Researcher

My Project Title: The Little Perspective

Project Overview: Sometimes if we step out of our comfort zone and try to see it from a new perspective it can change the way we think. For one day I bribed my daughter into wearing this camera on her head so that I could see the world from her eyes and it did enlighten me to numerous things I would like to change. Interacting with her on a daily basis become repetitive like a routine and by filming, watching, and creating this video, it has shown me somethings that I would like to change in my parenting routine. I also hope it can help others to see that the world is very different for every person and by looking at things from a different perspective, it just may change the way you think.


By Nicole Motichek