Jade Doyle

Problem or Situation Addressed:

My name is Jade Doyle and my project addressed Media and Consumption .

Theoretical Ideas:

1.The Impact of Technology on Society-

“Maggie Jackson argues that our embrace on new media has produced a sort of attention-deficit culture. Characterized by constant stimulation, interruption, and multitasking that provides little intellectual nutritional value. This culture undermines our ability to focus, concentrate , and attend to the deeper and more substantive issues in life.” (Experience Sociology pg. 391)

2. Media’s Social Effect-

“One theory, known as the hypodermic model of media influence, suggested that media can inject ideas into the public mind.” ” Agenda-setting theory holds that media may not be able to tell people what to think, but they can significantly influence what people think about” (Experience Sociology pg. 385)

3. Consumption and Identity-

“…what you buy and where you it can take on great importance as an affirmation of your identity.” Consumerism is an emphasis  on shopping and the possession of material goods as the route to personal happiness.” (Experience Sociology pg. 394)

4. The Effect of Social Inequality on Media Use-

“The digital divide refers to the gap between those who have the knowledge and resources needed to use digital information technology, especially computers and Internet, and those who do not.” (Experience Sociology pg.388)

5.Functions of Media-

“Clearly, the many hours we spend with media serve different functions for us personally.” ” Media serve as the storehouse and conduit for a society’s accumulated knowledge and information.” (ES pg. 387)

Theory-to-Project Relation: 

My project is related to the theoretical ideas because Technology and Media control us , it has consumed our everyday life.  Therefore, it has became us. My theoretical ideas give the effect and reasons why it controls us. My poster represents a phone puppeting a person, it in conrol.

How did I make it?:

I browsed images that caught my eye and thought about a creative way to look at the subject. I tried the best I could to draw the picture !