Problem or Situation Addressed

My problem is Social Anxiety and it’s effects on a person relating to my 5 topics: The Looking Glass Self, “I” and “Me”, Cause-Effect Self, Humans want acceptance, and Self-Judging Self.

Theoretical Ideas

All my ideas came from personal experience such as how having social anxiety affects me in certain situations. For example, “How my anxiety makes me believe everyone sees me negatively” “How anxiety makes me have this “I” that I want everyone to accept”

Theory-to-Project Relation

What I made relates to my to theoretical ideas because it’s a representation of how I see me and how others actually see me and how that makes me judge and control myself.

How DId I Make It?

I gathered some acrylic and water color paints and a canvas and painted what my interpretation of what anxiety feels like and how it makes me see myself vastly different. The other painting of flowers I did with acrylic and it’s my interpretation of how friends and family actually see me.

Advice For Others

I feel it may be hard to understand full if someone doesn’t have anxiety issues of their own; however, maybe talking to someone you know who does could help someone understand. IMG_6953.JPG