My project represents both social and control theories by showing a interest linked perception of what an everyday housewife living   “…the American dream.”, might ender. A women’s behavior is regulated by the strength of our connections to major social institutions, such as family, school, and religion. Social commentators such as lawyers, law-makers, and  people with power can in many ways dictate the decisions women can make. Hum

My picture demonstrates…

  • Physical violence evoked fear of nuclear warfare and communism; contributed to the fear and distress of the USSR.
  • Social commentators such as lawyers, government officals, and people respeted authorites can shape decisions we choose to make symbolized by the television and radio explifying the chains and representing the control of mainstream media.
  • Economic sanctions can translate into the allowance of housewife, showing the control over the decisions some women made.
  • Ridicule and gossip influenced many young women’s opinions on personal issues such as young pregnancy, black market abortion, reluctance on furthered abortions, and how some housewives ended up living the American nightmare.
  • Morality, customs and manners; bad manners can reason behind being or not being invited to places such as dinner or cards.To be socially “in” a circle was a major custom of the everyday housewife.

    450 Nukes on American soil, but cleaning my house is my problem…