The idea behind my project was to address the topic of drug addicts , and how we ostracize them. We as non abusers often view abusers as outsiders just as they may view us as outsiders. However, I think we could help more abusers overcome their addiction if we made them feel less alone and were more welcoming.

I also said that ones sense of self could be affected by the way society views them and their addiction problem. They may lower their perception of who they really are, and they could potentially let abuse become their identity. This could affect his/her looking glass self.

I also wondered if we legalized drugs would the rates go down or up as peoples I vs. Me opens up to the possibility of legally using drugs. However, I found that if you apply the Rat Pack experiment to this idea, then the drug abuse rates would go down.

The way people are socialized effects the way they are perceived by others. If you’ve grown up in a community that doesn’t shame you for doing drugs, then what you view as acceptable differs from someone who has grown up in a household where drug abuse is not acceptable. We see the world according to the way we are cultured. My main point in this project was that I think it is easy to judge people who are different then us, but I hope that we can work towards a future where we can honestly consider everyone as equal.