My idea for this project was to show my “I” and “me” through four different definitions we learned in class and I put it on a poster board. The poster board is divided in two divisions the “I” which is painted in my favorite colors and the “me” painted in my not so favorite colors. The “I” is meant to be the person you really are and the “me” is the person you try to be. The four main points I provided are Self Everyday Life, Social Control, Outsiders, and Looking Glass Self. The Self Everyday Life is meant to be about what I do when I am by myself “I” rather than what I would do with I am with my friends “me.” Social Control is about whether I would break the rules or not. The “I” in me would never break rules but my friends I hang around with or the “me” might break the rules. The Outsider perspective shows that the “I” in me is more of an outsider because I stay to myself unless I have to work with people in a group or on a project. The “me” is not much of an outsider because it makes me socialize. Looking Glass Self was the hardest to understand but the “me” is perceives itself on what everyone else thinks like when people look at me weird the “me” thinks they are saying I am stupid or ugly. The “I” on the other hand does not care about how other people look at me or say about me the “I” understands that I am beautiful and smart. The conclusion I am trying to make is that the “me” and “I” may think differently but the “I” is always best thing to follow or trust. The “I” is your true belief and nothing can change it not matter how much the “me” thinks or changes over time.