Problem or Situation Addressed

My project describes how technology alters the image a person has of them self. Social media causes a person to think they are not equal or less than the society around them.

Theoretical Ideas

The ideas used to describe the idea are “I” and “me” which describes the difference between how you think others see you and how you see yourself. Next, the looking glass self along with the social effects and “outsiders”.

Theory-to-Project Relation

The theories listed above relate to the project in the way that a person becomes reserved through technology because the things they think and feel are not what others around them think or feel. Also, a person may question everything they do causing their “me” to take over. Finally, a person may become an outsider if they don’t post enough or post too much or post something that others around them don’t agree with.

How did you make it?

First, the construction of my project began with scaling the measurements of a normal iPhone to the size iPhone needed for my project. Next, I cut out the frame of the cell phone and cut the mirror that was to be used for the screen and used white tape to cover all of the pieces. To complete the project, I assembled all pieces of the phone with hot glue and the phone was complete!

Advice to Others

One tip I have for others to better understand the reading is to ask other people about their experiences with the topic and see if you can relate to that as well. If not, another option is to google scenarios involving the topics to get a better understanding and then find a situation in your life that relates as well.