Problems and Situations Addressed

My project addressed Me & I, sexism, socialization, permission from others, and social status. It shows how men feel as if women able to be targeted in everyday clothes. As a female, girls want to keep up with the times and the fashion sense.

Theoretical Ideas

The video  used for the presentation wasn’t able to load on here, but the picture I used as my example shows how uncomfortable women are when they are approach and “pushed up on” just because they have on a certain outfit.

Theory-to-Project Relation

I came up with this idea by the way other people look at me, which is like a piece of meat.Guys don’t understand how degrading that is, that goes for other females too. Other females like to talk about how a girl doesn’t look right in certain outfits because too much of their shape is showing. The “me” wants the female to be insecure and listen to them, the “I” wants them to be their own person and feel comfortable in whatever they decide to do.

How did you do it?

I thought about how i see and hear guys talk about girls’ bodies, and ow they just talk about certain assets. It’s rude and I feel it was in need of discussing.

Advice to others

Just let this class open your mind and enjoy the conversation, be attentive and just have fun, don’t worry about the grade as long as you are able to relate you’ll be fine.