Problem or Situation Addressed

My project is supposed to explain that majority of people are not aware of the influences around them. Everything effects your views on a situation, so is your opinion really your opinion or has it been manipulated to make you think you have an opinion? While explaining my poster board, I used the presidential election as a scenario to link everything together.

Theoretical Ideas

“George Herbert Mead made sociologists aware that the ability to think is intimately related to selfhood and symbol use. Mead called this ability mind.” (Introduction to Sociology Reader)

Internalization. This is the complex process by which we learn society’s culture and establish our view of the world. Through this process humans come to be influenced by their own creations; they are social products.” (Experience Sociology)

Culture is a set of ideas, values, and norms (procedures, customs, laws, morals) that people use as a guide to understanding self-control.” (Introduction to Sociology Reader)

“This chapter focuses on deviance, behavior that does not conform to basic cultural norms and expectations, and its relationship to these questions of self identity.” (Experience Sociology)

“Charles Horton Cooley (1864-1929), articulated this point with his concept of the looking glass self, the idea that our sense of self develops as a reflection of the way we think others see us (1902).” (Experience Sociology)

Theory-to-Project Relation

Mead’s definition of mind relates to my project because in order to have an opinion, you have to have the ability to think. Internalization is demonstrated through the television and social media, humans created both of those things and they have a great influence on people. The more people pay for advertisements, the more likely it is for people to listen, and the money continues to go to the government. Culture was taught to us by our family, friends, and community, which means you have probably been manipulated your entire life to think certain things such as being able to differentiate between right and wrong. If someone agrees with their friends instead of their family, they will be looked upon as a deviant in their family’s eyes, which may influence this person to change their opinion. Since that person now knows how their family feels about them, it will effect their looking glass self because they may think everyone else sees them as a deviant because of their family.

How did you make it?

I looked at some political cartoons and googled pictures that I felt could portray what I was thinking the best. I made the thinking and speech bubbles using Microsoft Word, then I arranged the pictures and speech bubbles on my poster.

Advice to Others

Try not to overthink your project. The teacher is very understanding and will listen to you if you go talk to him. Do not be afraid to ask him questions or ask questions during the discussion and make sure you do the readings. If you think your project is out of the box, do it! Just remember to incorporate your theories to show that you understood the readings.