For this project, I used my 13 year old niece as the subject of how our environment morphs our sense of self. My idea when doing this is the sense of self morphing according to certain aspects of our lives. There are 4 zones in the picture above to show the 4 senses of self with certain aspects introduced into the equation. First zone is who my niece is regardless of whom or what is surrounding her. The second zone is who my niece feels she should be according to her thoughts of how her family and friends think she should be. The third zone is who my niece thinks she should be based on her interpretation of what society tells her to be. The last zone is how she thinks she is based on all of those things surrounding her and the pressure from all. This project relates to the Looking Glass Self theory-how we perceive ourselves based on our thoughts of others thoughts of us. This can also relate to the Presentation of Self theory because who she is around will change how she acts.

How it was made: We took magazines and cut out pictures of different things that describes her in different ways. We then attached them to different zones according to our agenda for each zone.

Advice: Don’t overthink it! And don’t wait until the last minute to do it! It’s not hard if you try.