Problems or Situation Addressed.

The problems or situations that were addressed in my project is that our society today thinks that if we look a certain way or act a certain way, it will make us fit in more. When in reality, we do not have to act or look a certain way to fit in.

Theoretical Ideas.

I used what I read from the readings and what we discussed in class to come up with my project. At first, my ideas were just what people said like appearance is key. I thought that was not enough to explain why I did my project so that is when I decided that I needed to look more into the reading.

Theory-to-Project Relation

The five ideas that I used for my idea were social control, looking glass self, Mead “I” vs. “Me”, acceptance, and the social norm.

Social Control: My picture above shows us what society thinks we should look like. For example, every girl should have a thigh gap but if you do have a thigh gap, it is unattractive.

Looking Glass Self: The girl is looking in the mirror, thinking she looks big but in reality she is no where close to being big.

Mead “I”: The girl above isn’t wearing make up

Mead “Me”: The girl is wearing make up to fit in

Acceptance: We think we have to look a certain way to fit in

Social Norm: The whole project is based on social norm because it is what society thinks is normal.

How did I make it?

Well this was plan C for my project. At first, I wanted to paint a picture of a girl looking at herself in the mirror but not seeing who she really is but once I started, I realized that I cannot paint or draw so I decided to print pictures.

Advice to Others

My advice for others would be don’t care what other people think about you or your project, if you think it is A worthy then show it off and don’t be afraid.