Problem or situation addressed 

The problem addressed in my project is that society deems someone how they appear, instead of how they truly are.

Theory to project relation

The reading I used was “The Role of Deviance within a Social Structure.” How people judge someone, before they actually know them. I used myself as an example, how I was labeled as a child, all the way to my teens. When I was younger I was the “bad” kid. Always put down, inevitably I turned to substance abuse. I used it as a coping mechanism. The stigmas attached were horrific. Society pointed at me practically saying I was a criminal, trash, and no good. Though labeled this, I wanted to show it’s possible to reverse thus said stigmas. That you write your own story.

How did I make it?

The project I made was a visual. I used poster paper, with pictures from my past life to present day. Along with hardships I faced in my personal life.

Advice to other

My advice to others is to embrace who you are. That you’re not what society labels you. That you are a person, an individual. You will find whatever you’re looking for, whenever you find out who you are as a personFullSizeRender.jpg.