Problems or Situations Addressed:

This picture of the devil represents a parent who manipulates their child into believing everything that he or she believes.

Theoretical Ideas:

I did not use a direct quote from any of the readings. I used a section in the Experience Sociology titled “Statuses and Roles: Connecting Everyday Life and Social Structure”to get an idea of what I wanted to use for my project and just thought a problem that happens in our everyday life. The five ideas that I used in my project are status set, status category, status, role, and ascribed statuses.

Theory-to-Project Relation:

The devil is seen as the parent because in some households  it is normal for the child to not like whatever the parent does not like. An example is race. If a parent does not like another race, they will make certain that their child will not like that race either. The mother holds a status set that she does not like a certain race. The status category is that the family as a whole does not care for that particular race. The status of the mother is that she does not like a particular race because she just does not. There is no particular reason. It as if the mother ascribes the status into the child when it is in the womb not to care for that race as well. The role of the child is not like that race because of the mother.

How did you make it?

At first, I decided to draw a picture of a devil and teenager. I really cannot draw and did not like how the drawing came out so then I decided to google pictures of devils until I found one that I thought was just right for what I was trying to express. I also googled pictures of teenagers who looked confused. I placed the devil on top of the teenager head as if it was looking down upon on her and she was looking up at it

Advice to Others:

My advice to others is to always read the readings because when it is time to do the project you will have a better idea of what you want to do.