Problem or Situation Addressed 

  • My project is about how media is taking over society. Also, the heart represents how people find a significant other online.

Theoretical Ideas

  • “In 2007, people in the United States used media an average of 9 hours and 35 minutes a day.” (Experience Sociology by D.Croteau and W. Hoynes, p.385; reports from U.S Census Bureau)
  • “More and more of our connection to the world is filtered through media, rather than  generated face-to-face personal contact.” (Experience Sociology by D.Croteau and W. Hoynes, p.385; Gallardos case)
  • “This media saturation has not only changed what we see and hear, but also how we interact with our world.” (Experience Sociology by D.Croteau and W. Hoynes, p.385)

Theory-to-Project Relation

  • My project relates to my theoretical ideas by the apps I put on the Iphone. All of the apps are the most common apps that people have nowadays. the heart represents the love people have for media, and also people that find love on social media.

How did you make it?

  • I went online and searched all the apps that are most popular, and I printed and cut them out. Next, I printed out the most up to date Iphone, because Iphones are also the most popular. Then, I used a stencil to make a huge heart for the iphone to fit in the middle.

Advice to Others

  • This project was extremley easy to make, anyone can do it. Some other topics you could choose from could be culture, education and work, or race and ethnicity. Some tips for how to understand the readings in my opinion is break things down into sections an understand each section before continueing on. Also, by looking up any definitions that confuse you.