Problem or Situation Addressed:

My project is about how people are masking themselves in society. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump make themselves look like good leaders to their audience, but they actually know what they are hiding from every one. We put up a front stage versus back stage when we text and when we are with our friends.

Theoretical Ideas:

I didn’t use any particular quotes. I just took over all pieces from the readings and class discussions.

Theory-to-Project Relation:

I divided my poster so the left represented the front stage (the impression we want people to receive) and the right being a back stage (how we really are behind closed doors). I also incorporated the “Me” vs. “I” to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump along with the audience they are trying to persuade.

How did you make it?

I made my poster by googling the pictures. I had to find a positive picture that I could also find a negative picture to.

Advice to Others:

Just do the readings and pay close attention to what people say in class because it could be beneficial to you. Make sure you throughly understand each concept before you try to use it in your project.