image•Cultural Socialization- The flower is the center of attention. The little flowers look up to the big flower, but are also jealous of all the attention it receives. Since the big flower is beautiful, people tend to step all over the little flowers for a glimpse. The big flower ask receives more attention from the sun and this causes the smaller flowers to wither and die. The big flower does eventually get picked, but another big one always grows back in its place.

•Outsider- The big flower feels different from the other flowers and wishes it were smaller. The big flower gets picked and is therefore by itself now.

•Social Control- With the flower being big it is influencing the others to be big as well. The little flowers also influence the big flower to be small that way it fits in with all the little ones.

•Individual Qualities- The big flower is so big and perfect while the others feel like they are so little and dull.

•Self Acceptance- The big flower saying it’s okay to be small and the small saying it is okay to be big. Just accepting that they are made that way for a reason and being okay with who they are.