This is my transcript of my video because it was to difficult to upload.

-Daniel Larson-

Problem or Situation Addressed

My project is a video that explain that the five concepts from our readings and informs people that kids with disabilities are no different than anyone else.  The five concepts that you will hear about are Impression Management, Looking Glass-Self, Sense of Self, Socialization, and Deviant Labels.  These five concepts that are incorporate in the context of people with disabilities.

Theoretical Ideas

Basically I used the ideas from the readings and incorporated in my video with Lauren.  I did not use quotes but I paraphrased the concepts I used.  In the Introductory Sociology Reader compiled by Rebecca Hensley and Russell Castro, I use the definition and explain what Impression management was, in my own word, on pp.63-72. In the Experience Sociology book by David Croteau and William Hoynes, I used the rest of concept from this book.  I use the concept of Looking Glass-Self and Sense of Self on p. 153.  I use the concept of Deviant Labels on pp.192-193. I used the term Sociology through both of the books and from prior knowledge of the subject.

Theory-to-Project Relation

This whole video explains the concepts in context of kids with disabilities. For example when people put a deviant label on kids with disabilities, such as the R-Word or say this is Downs kid then they feel that they are retarded or can not belong to our society.  In a since they are belittling them and giving them a derogatory name. But really they are not the R-word because they  might struggle but every human does so what does that matter.  This is just one example but you can hear more in my video.

How did you make it?

This project took me a while to compose what I wanted to do and then one day in class I was thinking about how much fun it was hanging out with kids that have a disability.  I thought of doing a video that shows my compassion and to show that they are just like us.  So I setup a day to meet with Lauren to video this for my project.  It took several attempts to conquer this between Lauren being comfortable in camera and me with all of my nerves.  But finally we came up with this wonderful video.

Advice to Others                                                             

If you have trouble thinking of a project then go back and read the readings and think about how you can related to them in real life.  Then take your time thinking of how to present this and try to conquer it.  If it doesn’t work then try your back-up plan. This is what I did.  I am really passion towards kids with disabilities so I related the concepts to that by doing a video.