Problem or Situation Addressed

My project is on stereotypes and their presence in our everyday lives. We often make jokes based on them and do not take the feelings of those we are making jokes about into account.

Theoretical Ideas

My five theoretical ideas were stereotypes, socialization, the I, the Me, and the looking glass self. From a young age we are taught stereotypes from our families, friends, and pretty much everyone around us. It is through socialization that we come to believe certain stereotypes are true. Your I doesn’t care what others think or what stereotypes they try to label you with. On the other hand, your me is very self conscious about what stereotypes are applied to you. You may try to fit into a certain stereotype in order to fit in to society or you may try to prove a stereotype wrong. Your looking glass self is how you view yourself based on how you think others view you. Stereotypes have a strong influence on our looking glass self.

Theory-to-Project Relation

For my project I took inspiration from the movie Mean Girls. In the movie the main characters make something called a Burn Book. In this book they put pictures of people and list mean things about them.To the creators of the book it was funny, but to those talked about in the book it was very offensive. Most of the time what they list is only a rumor, but in some cases what they list has some degree of truth to it. In my opinion this is how stereotypes are. Stereotypes are formed because they are true in some cases, but they are not necessarily always true. I created this book to shine a light on stereotypes.

How did you make it?

To create this book I found pictures online of what certain stereotypes look like in our minds. I then printed them out, taped them on pieces of construction paper, and wrote the stereotype associated with the image above it. I decorated them in a middle school girl fashion, much like in the movie Mean Girls, and then bound the pages together with pieces of a pipe cleaner.

Advice to Others

For me it was really helpful to bounce project ideas off others in the class. They can help you form your idea, or if you already know what you want to do they can help you improve upon it.