Problem or Situation Addressed

People today are putting on an act on social media, making it seem like their lives are more perfect than what they actually are.

Theory-to-Project Relation

I used dramaturgy to explain this societal problem. The “front stage” is what the actor puts on social media making it seem like she has the perfect life. The “back stage” is who she really is behind closed doors. This also represents her “Me” which is her back stage, and her “I” which is her front stage. The “audience” is her online followers.


How did you make it?

I created a stage with two sides. On one side, I created a girl sitting on her bed just relaxing on the weekends. She has trash laying around her room and is the typical teenager just hanging out. On the other side of the stage, there is a girl posing in front of a car with a snapchat filter covering her face like a mask. People use filters to cover up who they really are and make themselves  “prettier.” To her online followers, she seems cool and perfect, but in reality she is the same as everyone else. Everything was mainly made out of cardboard, fabric, and a lot of hot glue. I came up with the idea because I knew I wanted to use dramaturgy and it’s not a secret that people act fake online, so I decided to call attention to that problem by showing the two sides of a person’s life.

Advice to Others

To other students, I would start with a social problem that you are passionate about, then connect 5 themes to that problem. Think about the issues that you face, or that you  connect to in your personal life. To understand the readings, try to locate the main ideas and find outside sources further explaining those ideas.