My project is about statuses, roles and how they are directly involved in my life. As well as the challenges I face within my social environment with role strain, role conflicts and how I cope with them.

I got my idea from chapter 7 Interaction, Groups and Organizations, within the subtitle Social Statuses and Roles(Experience Sociology, Croteau and Hoynes, pgd 168-170).

The project itself is made from blocks that are different colors to represent the different statuses in my social structure. Pink-mother, Blue-student, Orange-nurse and Green-wife. The blocks represent my different roles within each status. Mother- responsible for the constant needs of my children, Student- coming up with projects, doing homework and attending class, Nurse- charting, giving medication and handling deaths and Wife- cooking, cleaning and making everything better. When put together it forms my status set. When the blocks are out-of-place it represents role strain, like writing a paper while I’m at work(exactly what I’m doing right this moment). When the blocks are taking away it represents role conflict, like cooking, doing my homework and answering to “mom” every two minutes! When the blocks fall it represents what happens when I have too much role strain and conflict, I’m overloaded trying to meet the demands of all my roles at one time. The new blocks that are nice and neat in the end, are when I take a step back to rebuild myself; just to start all over again continuing to form my social structure.

I came up with a few ideas like using legos or the gears with sticks that kids play with that almost look like the gears inside of a clock, but none of them would demonstrate my role conflict very well. So I started thinking of things that could break or fall apart easily for quite some time and the game Jenga just popped in my mind once I stopped thinking so hard. After that my mind just took off and everything came together.

My advice to students who are struggling with coming up with ideas is, think about problems or struggles in your life that you deal with everyday. Then try to figure out what in the text or discussions it may relate to. Once you figure that out make and outline from the chapter in the text and write down key points, while you’re doing that, try to plug-in your life situations with the outline, That’s the challenging part! After that you just have to figure out a way interpret your outline into something fun that represents what you have learned and applied to your life! I guess you could say it’s working backwards, but that’s what worked for me. Also if you do not bother to do the readings or participate in the discussions you will NOT understand enough to do a project! You must do the readings to be successful in this class! If you don’t put in the effort don’t expect the grade, there are plenty of classmates willing to help as well as Mr.D all you have to do is ask, it will only be as hard as you make it! The most important thing to remember is to have fun and at least try, we are all new to this, you’re not alone!