005Problem or Situation Addressed

Clothes are the basis for societal judgment because we dress based on how we identify ourselves and how others identify us.

Theoretical Ideas

“Socialization is the process by which the various representatives of society.. teach people the ways of society and, in doing so form their basic qualities.” (Intro to Soc reader)

“When a rule is enforced, the person who is supposed to have broken it may be seen as a special kind of person.” (Intro to Soc reader)

“Social control is one of the most generally used concepts in sociology.” (Intro to Soc reader)

“Charles Horton Cooley (1864-1929), articulated this point with his concept of the looking glass self, the idea that our sense of self develops as a reflection of the way we think others see us.” (experience sociology)

Theory-to-Project Relation

My project relates to social labels and social roles because the outfits represent two typical “types” of girls in society.  The promiscuous girl with some showy outfits and the prude that has her body covered.

It relates to deviance because if one of these girls makes a decision against their social group they get labelled as the other girl.  The prude becomes promiscuous and the promiscuous girl becomes the prude.

This relates to social control because girls will lose their friends and identity based on the clothes they wear.

The clothes they wear make them see themselves as society sees them which relates this project to the looking glass self.

And finally this project shows the human nature need to organize things into groups to fit their need to organize.

How did you make it?

I came up with this idea because I have gotten really interested in sewing, up-cycling, and designing my own clothes. I also remembered the time my mom accused me of changing into a different person because I said I liked a skimpy top at Charlotte Russe.

Advice to Others

I do better at understanding the readings when I put them into my personal life and events that I have been through.  The best way to make an awesome project is to start with an idea that you know you are actually good at and a topic you truly understand.  Their are many topic this project could represent; I had a hard time choosing which theories to use.  It is also good at representing the concept of Meads I and Me.