Problem or Situation Addressed

My project is to show a symbolic form of how we are all imprisoned by our cultures and society. Everyone is imprisoned by outside forces whether we believe it or not.

Theoretical Ideas

An article that gave me my idea was the Outsiders. For example, author Howard D. Becker said, “when a rule is enforced, the person who is supposed to have broken it may be seen as a special kind of person”(Becker 94). The information came form the Introduction to sociology reader.

Theory-to-Project Relation

A prison or cage is a great demonstration of what social control does to people. The bars around the man shows how social control keep everyone in line. The bars represent society and culture/ family trying to control you.

 How did you make it?

Coming up with my idea took a very long time. It took many nights of frustration and desperation . Some night I would browse around the internet looking for some sort of inspiration but to no avail. My idea came to me when I was laying in my bed. I had a dream about being stuck in a jail. When I woke up I found a way to connect that jail with one of our readings.

Advice to Others

First off, do not stress your self out about finding a topic, that was my mistake.The Criminal justice system has many great topics and possible ideas. The readings can be confusing however asking fellow classmates questions about the readings helped me greatly.