There are many things wrong with the way school systems are set up. In today’s fast pace, learn-it then lose-it world, students are being put up against more and more standardized test than ever before. Here are just a few things wrong with today’s education system. WIN_20161003_12_33_40_Pro.jpg

1) Syllabus’ are there to make it easier for the teachers to teach, not for the students to learn.

2) Kinds stop exploring what is outside the boarders because the world becomes the syllabus.

3) In such a system, it is preferable to get good grades, in addition to losing ones imagination, one does not want to think that they are less intelligent than others (effects of poor grades on random standardized tests).

4) We do not want to fit every child into the same keyhole. That is not human, it is training people to think like computers and be herded like sheep.

5) We learn what the government (or big business corporations) want us to learn. Only the things in the syllabus are taught in class


Additionally, 900+ hours of a single persons life is spent in school per year