This is me, this is I

Me needs to look like this to socialize

I wants to get rid of me but I still has to socialize

Why do we have to look like me to socialize?

Why can’t I break free?

Me looks at I and without a doubt wants to cry

Me doesn’t like I. Why? Why? Why?

Me wants the respect of others but I just wants what’s already mine

I wants to emerge but me doesn’t want to be pushed aside

Socializing is what makes me hate I

Me looks at I and realizes I can’t socialize

Me gets scared and pushes I deeper and deeper inside

I can’t get rid of me, me can’t get rid of I but each really really try

-Hailey Sculthorp

Problems or situations addressed:

This poem explains how me and I are two different people living in the same person. It  also explains why me hates I. In this poem there are many reason why me hates I but solicitation is the basis of this hatred. It explains how me judges I because it doesn’t put a face on to socialize, which is another reason why me hates I. It also explains why me always hates I and tries to hide it because it doesn’t want to be outcasted.

Theoretical Ideas:

I do not have any direct quotes I used but I used the reading in “Me vs. I”, “The Outsiders”, and “The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life” to get the basis of my ideas and to make sure I knew what each topic meant so I could put it in my own way.

Theory-to-Project Relation:

The picture of my face (featured picture) shows my own me and I. The left side of the picture shows how me wants other people to see me even though I’m not myself. The right side of the picture shows who I really want to be but the me in me pushes I away.

How did you make it?

The idea first came to me when we were talking about the concept of me and I in class. I was very interested in the topic so I started to think what could I do to represent me and I in one person? I came up with the idea to do half my face with makeup when I was actually doing my makeup and did not want to. I was done half my face and realized me with makeup isn’t who I really am and I just put makeup on for other people. When I don’t wear makeup I feel my happiest and most free. When I was looking at the picture I didn’t know how to say what I wanted so I took a break and went onto twitter. On twitter, I just happened to read a poem someone wrote and then I realized the best way for me to explain my picture is a poem. I came up with the different parts of my project at different times but it all ended up coming together.

Advice to others:

You have to find something you care about in the “outside” world and relate it back to topics we talk about in class. If you don’t actually care about the things you do your project about you will struggle doing your project and end up really struggling with the class in general.