Problem or situation addressed: The problem addressed in my project is socialization and the way that each individual is somehow controlled by another. Your looking glass self, the fact that humans are social and cultural, mead’s “me,” mead’s “I,” and social control play a huge role in the way that humans function.

Theoretical ideas: The ideas used are: Looking glass self, humans are social, humans are cultural, mead’s “me,” mead’s “I,” and social control.

Theory to project relation: The “idea” that I had for my project is somewhat related to a magazine. Genrally, when flipping through a magazine, you focus on the pictures, then, the ones you find interesting, you read about. In my eyes, this is what society does. We look at the bigger picture, thus focusing all of our attention on what others do instead of reading further into it. These topics are all related to eachother in the way that they are all related to society, the way that we control eachother, and who exactly makes these “rules” that we follow

How did you make it: I made this project by finding images that relate to real life as well as quotes about the way that we live.

Advice to others: I honestly do not have much advice to give considering I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing, but, it’s easier to find something that interst you, or something that inspires you, and go from there.