[title your project something that is relevant to the situation that you addressed]


Problem or Situation Addressed

This is where you name and briefly described what your project is about.

Theoretical Ideas

This is where you quote the ideas that you used in your project.  For example, “Crimes, for Durkheim, are acts that offend the collective conscience, or shared values of a society.” (Experience Sociology by D. Croteau and W. Hoynes, p.13-14; idea by Emile Durkheim)

Theory-to-Project Relation

This is where you describe how what you made is related to the theoretical ideas.  How is this component of what you made related to that idea?

How did you make it?

This is where you talk about the process of how you made whatever you made.  E.g., Did you search for images (or take your own pictures) and then paste them to a canvas, etc.  Also talk about your inspirations.  For example, your were browsing images and some of them really stood out, or some said something to you and that got you thinking, etc.

Advice to Others

This is where you can put things like advice to others on how to do the project, other topics that they could explore or do their project on, tips for how to understand the readings, etc.